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Coin Operated
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Washing Machine Coin box

Adding a coin box to a washing machine is easy. The Speeder Ltd SP100 coin box is ideal for this. Landlords with HMOs add a coin box to their washing machines and tumble dryers. This makes a coin operated washing machine or a coin operated tumble dryer. The coin box is also known as a coin meter.

Coin Operated Machines

Coin op machines for commercial places like laundrettes and public toilets have become widely used today. If you need coin operated machines for your business, Speeder Ltd is the right place to get them. We offer different kinds of coin op machines for various applications at good quality and reasonable rates.

Coin Operated Timer

For all those spas and salons that have sunshowers and sunbeds, incorporating a coin op timer is a good idea. This type of machine will make operating sunbeds and sunshowers easy for you and your customers. At Speeder Ltd, you can choose the right coin op timer from a range of options and we will supply tokens for the machine too.

Coin Meter

Managing public access and parking spaces is not always easy. For this reason, implementing a coin meter system is important. We, at Speeder Ltd,can provide you with a range of coin meter machines that wil lmake the task easier. You can also use our coin op meter machines in other pay- for public places.

Coin Operated Meter

If you are looking for a coin operated meter to run your commercial laundry unit or campsite shower and toilets, Speeder Ltd can meet your requirements. We have a number of coin operated meter machines for you to choose from, for different applications. Our coin operated meters can ensure payments for different facilities when authorised people are not around to collect them.

Coin Timer

Installing coin timer machines in public places like internet cafes, toilets and parking areas is a good way to generate revenue for their maintenance. Speeder Ltd offers different kinds ofcoin timer machines that can be put to various uses. Depending on your preference, our coin timer machines can be operated with regular coins or tokens which we provide.